Qualilife Neurosciences is a state of art centre for Neurological disorders. The services offered include all aspects of brain and spine diseases. It is a well equipped centre with the latest neurosurgery microscope, modern operation theatre and world class intensive care unit.

It caters to all the sub specialties like Neuro Oncology, pediatric neurosurgery, neuro trauma, Spinal trauma, complex spinal surgeries, spinal tumors, peripheral nerve surgery and neuro rehabilitation medicine.

Neurological conditions like stroke, demyelination, multiple sclerosis, meningitis, enchepalitis etc are also treated by expert team.

The team at Qualilife Neuroscinces is led by Dr. Viswanathan Iyer, Chief Neurosurgeon and Managing Director.

QUALILIFE BRAIN-SPINE now opens its fourth neurosurgery clinic and its comprehensive brain and spine care centre at Sushrut hospital Chembur.

QUALILIFE Brain Spine comprising of a team of specialist neurosurgeons and neurologist promises to fill the lacunae for quality neurosurgical care in the suburb. The centres main focus would be minimally invasive neurosurgery, bringing to you endoscopic brain surgery, endoscopic spine surgery, neuro endovascular solutions and microneurosurgery.

The Team is also backed by an excellent team of intensivists and diagnostic services at Sushrut Hospitals which makes it possible to provide emergency head injury and stroke care 24 x 7.

Thus the whole gamut of neurosurgical care Minimally invasive endoscopic and endovascular neurosurgery, microneurosurgery and Neurointensive care is being made available right here at Chembur by QUALILIFE BRAIN SPINE.

  Endoscopic Brain and Spine Surgery

  Endovascular Neurosurgery


  Trauma and Stroke