Brain Surgery

Now routinely used in almost all intradural operative procedures in the brain. Its use has resulted in smaller wounds, less postoperative neural and vascular damage, better hemostasis, more accurate nerve and vessel repairs, and surgical treatment of some previously inoperable lesions


Sphenoid Meningioma


Subarachnoid Hemorrhage


ICA Stenosis


Benefits of minimally invasive surgical technique ( Microscopic, Endoscopic and Neuro-intervention) in Brain

  • Permitting neural and vascular structures to be delineated with greater visual accuracy
  • Deep areas to be reached with less brain retraction and smaller cortical incisions
  • Bleeding points to be coagulated with less damage to adjacent neural structures,
  • Nerves distorted by tumor to be preserved
  • Enabling anastomosis and suturing of small vessels and nerves not previously possible to be performed