Many of you are aware that H.J. Doshi Ghatkopar Hindusabha Hospital in Ghatkopar (West), has now existed for more than 50 years and has been providing Healthcare Services to the poor and needy of the society throught quality healthcare professionals of the city and to date it continues to do so.

To add to the scope of services it was decided to focus on Neurocare facilities. We are now proud to announce that neuro care facilities at Hindusabha Hospital has been developed. We are ready to handle all neuro related cases.

The team includes Dr. Sneh Shashank, Dr. Viswanathan Iyer, Dr. Sunil Jadhav and Dr. Kishor Bhokare.

The H. J. Doshi Ghatkopar Hindusabha Hospital-brain, spine, stroke and trauma centre was launched in March 2016.

It is a newly constructed facility focused only on neuro-care. We have 12 ICU beds, with round the clock care by trained neuro nurses, doctors and latest equipments. Apart from this we have 9 general ward beds and 2 special rooms. All necessary facilities like CT Scan/MRI scan/advanced operation theatre /cath-lab are available at the Hospital.

Thus we provide optimal brain, and spine and stroke services under a single roof. Finally, we provide allied supportive branches like physiotherapy, speech therapy, dietician, neuro-rehabilitation etc.

The Neuro unit has trained Staff and Doctors for management of Neuro Critical Care. The Emphasis is on optimum care, Minimally Invasive Surgery & Early Discharge.

All allied service of Neurology like Electrophysiology, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech Therapy & Counselling are combined for a holistic approach.

Our Mission

To meet the challenges of neurological disease in the country by providing access to world-class care and enhancing our patients' quality of life.

Our Vision

To be a healthcare company that addresses every aspect of brain and spine care with an emphasis on timely, technologically advanced and affordable treatment.