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Cyclelists join Mumbai Police in themed ride to mark road safety month

For cyclists, being safe on the road matters above all else and keeping this in mind they came together to embark on a ride. The group – comprising people from different parts of the city – wore yellow as they got onto their cycles and pedalled away on a special trail which also saw the participation of the city Police. They also took a pledge to follow all the traffic rules and regulations.


The event was done in conjunction with Thane RTO. Says Mumbai bicycle mayor, Firoza Suresh, “Road safety education is essential in today’s world as road traffic is becoming increasingly busy with more cars, scooters, motorbikes, buses etc. on the road. It is most important for school and colleges to organise road safety awareness that can help the younger generation gain more knowledge about road safety rules and norms.” She adds, “The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our cities in many ways. While the number of motor vehicles on the road had fallen during lockdown, an increasing number of people have turned to cycling moving speedily and safely through once congested streets, in the new normal. This cannot be just a passing fad: now that the pandemic has opened our eyes to the importance of non-motorised transport, we have a small window of opportunity to transform short-term responses into long-term change—and to create livable, breathable cities for all. The concern would always be of coexistence with motorized transportation hence Road Safety Awareness Month is of utmost importance and everyone’s responsibility as we all share the road hence respect and be responsible.”

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